Y7-41 Series Boiler induced Centrifugal Fan

Y7-41 Series Boiler induced Centrifugal Fan
  • Y7-41 Series Boiler induced Centrifugal Fan
  • Y7-41 Series Boiler induced Centrifugal Fan

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Y7-41 Series Boiler induced Centrifugal Fan
Use and characteristics
The main features of Y7-41 industrial boiler induced fan are: high efficiency, high pressure, low noise, flat performance curve, wide economic use area, and adopt backward plate type blade, The total pressure efficiency of the fan at the best operating point is 86.5, and the noise index (than A sound level) is Lsn 11.5dB. these two indexes are the best level compared with the domestic existing industrial boiler inducers. The fan has the following remarkable advantages:
1 ) The pressure of the fan is high , so it is suitable for 1 - 20t / h industrial boiler with spiral pipe and multi - pipe dust collector .
2) wind mechanism into a single machine with no inhalation: No. 4.5,5.6,7.1,9,10,12.5 six.
3) the air outlet position of the fan is expressed by the air outlet angle of the housing. "left" and "right" can be made into three angles: 0 degrees 90 degrees and 180 degrees.
4) the driving mode of the fan is C type D type, the motor and fan connection adopt the belt wheel drive and the elastic coupling direct drive respectively.
2. Structural characteristics
Fan is made up of impeller, casing, inlet, transmission group and adjusting door.
There are 16 pieces of tilting plate blade of Q345C16Mn. welded between the arc cone wheel cover and the plate wheel, it is corrected by dynamic balance. Therefore, the operation is stable, the strength and wear resistance are higher, and the service life is longer.
Cochlear shell welded with steel plate. Rotates from "left" to "right" above 8.
( 3 ) Transmission group
The spindle is made of high quality steel bearing bearing (4.5-7.1 with low noise type bearing) with two open bearing seats, self-cooled with No. 2 calcium sodium grease and wind blade, and simple in structure.
Air inlet
The convergent air inlet is made into an integral structure and is bolted to the inlet side of the housing.
Regulating door
Y7-41 series fans are equipped with regulating doors to regulate the flow of the fan. The fan with 3 blades and below adopts three blades, the shutter structure is simple, the closing flexible structure is simple, the No. 10 fan adopts 11 blade plum flower type structure, and the regulation efficiency is high. The adjusting door is installed in front of the inlet in the axial direction. The adjustment range is from 90 degrees (completely closed) to 0 degree (full open). In the direction of the inlet, for the right rotating fan, the counterclockwise rotation of the adjusting door is from full closure to full opening. For the left rotating fan, the clockwise turn of the wrench is from full closure to full open.
In order to make the regulating door work normally, it is necessary to lubricate well. Because of the high temperature of the induced fan gas, the grease adopts the high temperature of 260 ℃) the lubricating action of the grease can still be guaranteed when the high temperature is running.

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