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1. Preface
CBL series explosion-proof axial centrifugal fans for marine use are designed and manufactured according to GB 11799-89(Marine Explosion-proof Axial Centrifugal Fans), and general description and explosion-proof electrical equipment “d” of GB3836-83 《Electrical apparatus for explosive atom-spheres》 and 《Regulations for the Construction and classification of Sea-going steel ships》.
2. Application
They can be delivered for gas mixtures or vapour containing combustibles and explosives, for ordinary air, for sea air containing salt fog, for air containing oil fog and other corrupt air supply or extracition.
Theses explosion-proof fan series are best suited to pumping out gas mixtures or vapour containing combustibles and explosives in oil cabins holds, pump-rooms, battery cabins, ammunition cabins, hangars, paint houses, etc . They can also be used for ventilation of other compartments of shipping and corresponding place of land's.
AC 50HZ, 380V or 60HZ,440V type YB-H (Explosion-insular) or type Y-H (ordinary) three-phase asynchronous motors for marine use may be mounted on these fans
3. Operation Conditions
For places where there are explosive gas 
mixtures of grade 
Ambient temperatures: -25℃ ~ +50℃
Relative humidity of the air: ≤95%
Cyclical vacillation: 22.5°~ 45° 
Sustained horizontal tilting: ±15°
Sustained vertical tilting: ±10°
Vibration: existent
Shock: existent
4. Structural Types
There are two structural types: type I (motor-direct-driving type), type II (Separate cabins type).The construction is spark free.
The structure of type I is a motor-direct driving one, the vane wheel is mounted directly to motor-shaft, and the housing is fixed on the flange of the explosion-proof motor.
The type II is a separate structure, i.e. the fan and the motor are put into different cabins, with a driving device, a pairs of flexible coupling, and the driving device consists of bearings, bearing-box, shaft, brass rings, stuffing, it can be oiled and measured temperature, one side is fixed on the fan, and the other side will be mounted on the bulkhead.
The fan may be made into a horizontal or vertical, single-stage, single-drawing and airtight structure by the customer’s requesting.
The fan can be made into a counter clock-wise rotating type or a clockwise one.
The counter-clockwise rotating type (Left turning type)-Taking a front view from the motor side, you will see the vane wheel turns counter-clockwise. We use “L” to indicate it, and by the same way, the clockwise rotating type can be indicated as “R”.
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