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JCZ(CZ) series marine axial-flow ventilators or simply the ventilator is capable of blowing air, ocean air containing salt vapour, and corrosive air containing a small quantity of oil vapour. They are suitable for cabin air ventilation and exchange on oceangoing vessels. They are also applicable in other places that suit.
The ventilator is designed and manufactured according to GB11864 《Marine axial flow fans》 and《The Rules and classification of Sea-going Steel ships》 approved by the Register of the People’s Republic of China.
Medium temperature: -25℃ ~ +50℃
Max relative humidity: 95%
Periodical swing:±22.5°
Continued transversal incline:±15°
Continued longitudinal incline:±10°
Vibration: existent
Impact: existent
The Machine Casing can be opened..
Reverse rotation possible.
Good anti-corrosiveness.
Strong resistance against swing, vibration-proof and impact resistant.
The ventilator is manufactured with a built-in casing motor structure. The vane wheel is directly mounted on the motor shaft.
The vane wheel is made of anti-corrosive case aluminum alloy while the casing is made of welded common steel.
As desired, the casing can either be made into an integral one or an open type along the axial direction. In the later case, the vane wheel and the casing so as to bring convenience for on-the-spot repair and the replacement of its spare parts.
Viewed from the motor side, the vane wheel rotates clockwise while in service the ventilator is allowed to rotate reversely.
The ventilator can be matched with marine AC motor of 380V, 50HZ or 440V,60HZ,or other customised voltage and frequency.

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