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1. USE
Type CLZ axial-flow fans for marine use (vertical type), or simply type CLZ fans, are designed primarily for ventilation of the machinery room and each compartment. The construction can be delivered for air supply or air exhaust, the ocean air containing salt fog or acid vapor from battery occure. Temperature of the air transferred from battery occure. Temperature of the air temperature can not exceed 50℃.
2.1 Type CLZ fan consists of the impeller, Casing, motor, guide cowl, conical diffuser, etc.
2.2 Casing is made of steel plate of having ample thickness, being composed of an inner cylinder, a shell and a down-stream guide vane. The shell is made in the shape of a cylindrical duct with flanges for connection of ducts at both ends. The inner cylinder and the shell is connected with the downstream guide vane used to guide the air flow.
2.3 Motor-Built-in Motor type(to be mounted on the inner cylinder) which is manufactured by the motor factory is specially designed to suit CLZ fan contraction, it is totally enclosed, natural cooled, and it is capable of standing salt spray, vibration or shocking. There are two types: ZZT-H Series DC marine motor (rated voltage 220V) and Y-H series AC marine motor (rated voltage 220/380V).
2.4 Propeller is made of carrion resistant aluminum alloy (cast), being carefully balanced and mounted directly on the motor shaft extension.
2.5 The guide cowl installed on the inlet and the conical diffuser installed on the outlet are used to cut the vortex of the air flow, to ensure higher efficiency of the fan. Material: enforced plastics.
2.6 Finish-The fan are either printed and painted with marine paint.
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