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JCL(CLQ) series marine centrifugal ventilators or simply the ventilator is capable of blowing air, ocean air containing salt vapour, and corrosive air which contains oil vapour and a small quantity of acid steam generated by the natural evaporation of the batteries. So it can be used for ventilation of various machinery room and each compartment of boats and ships as well as other likes spaces.
The ventilator is designed and manufactured according to GB11865-89(Marine centrifugal fans) and the Rules and Regulations for the Construction and classification of Sea-going Steed ships approved by the Register of the People’s Republic of China.
Medium temperature: -25℃ ~ +50℃
Max relative humidity: 95%
Periodical swing: ±22.5°
Continued transversal incline: ±15°
Continued longitudinal incline: ±10°
Vibration: existent
Impact: existent
Small size and light weight.
Low noise and low vibration.
Good anti-corrosiveness.
Good air tightness.
Small starting torque.
Strong resistance against swing, 
vibration and impact.
The ventilator is designed and manufactured into a horizontal structure type or a vertical one, which the vane wheel is mounted directly on the motor shaft extension.
The vane wheel, being riveting structure is made of aluminum alloy and carefully balanced by static and dynamic ways.
Both the machine casing and the inlet are made of welded common steel with airtight structure:
The ventilator can be made for left or right rotation:
Left rotation-viewed from the motor side, the vane wheel rotates anti clock-wise and indicated as “L”.
Right rotation-viewed from the motor side, the vane wheel rotates clockwise and indicated as “R”.
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