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1.Fan general
CSL series centrifugal fans, this series enjoys high anti-explosive grades and is capable of directly removing or ducting flammable and explosive gaseous mixture or steam as well as those poisonous or harmful gases, being important system equipment for the oil tanker and chemical vessels.
2. Fan structure
CSL series explosion-proof centrifugal ventilator fan enjoys high anti-hazard classification, sound anti-corrosion, anti-wobble, anti-vibration and anti-shock performance. The whole fan is featured in simple and compact structure, low weight, simple operation as well as good move ability driven directly by fire protection water, this ventilator is capable of ducting such dangerous gases as flammable and explosive gases or steam.
CSL ventilator fan is composed of water turbine, frame, casing, rotor, impeller, etc. the water turbine is precisely cast of anticorrosion copper alloy, the casing is soldered of austenitic stainless steel. And the impeller is cast of high strength aluminum alloy, with the whole structure of no-spark design the angles for air-outlet are r90℃for air supply and 225℃ for air exhaust as a result, this type of ventilator can’t change the model.
3.Fan applicable conditions
For palaces where there are explosive grade IIB and IIC and group from T4 to T6.
Ambient temperatures: -25℃~55℃
Relative humidity of the air: ≤95%
Cyclical vacillation: ±22.5℃~45℃
Sustained horizontal tilting: ±15℃
Sustained vertical tilting: ±10℃
Vibration: existence
Shock: existence
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