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Our company can produce all kinds of general-purpose industrial axial fans, mainly include: T30A Industrial axial flow fan,T30(C TYPE) BELT DRIVEN AXIAL FLOW FAN,T35-11 INDUSTRIAL AXIAL FLOW FAN,BT35-11 Industrial Explosion-proof Axial fan,T40 series Industrial fan axial flow fan,CB Series Explosion-proof axial exhaust fan,PFB Series Portable explosion-proof axial fan,BYG series Industrial Low noise axial fan,CDZ Series Industrial low noise axial flow fan,CZL-11 series Industrial Long axis axial fan,DDT40 series Low noise ventilation fan,DZ Series Low noise axial ventilation fan,SF series Industrial Axial flow fan,GD30K2-12 Series Belt driven type Axial flow fan,GFW series Smoke exhaust fan for kitchen use,SFB Wall-mounted axial flow fan,ST series Portable fan,BXF Series Portable axial fan,EB Series wall mounted energy-saving axial fan,EG Series energy-saving pipeline axial fan,HF Series Industrial axial flow fan,POG Series Industrial adjustable axial flow fan,SLG series Industrial low noise swing-out axial fan,KT series Industrial airfoil axial-flow fan,and so on.
We could also produce the axial flow fan according to customers' detailed requirement and drawing.

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