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1. Outline
Type CZF axial-flow fans for marine use, or simply type CZF fans, are designed and manufactured on the basis of the technique of type FP axial-flow fans for marine use which are introduced from Nishishiba Electric Co., Ltd. Of Japan. Type CZF fans can replaced type FP fans completely since their outline dimensions and property parameters are identical with that of type FP fans, Type CZF fans are in conformity with the specifications of the following Ship Classification Society.
CCS China Classification Society
NK Nippon Classification Kaiji Kyokai
LR Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
ABS American Bureau of Shipping
DNV Det Norske Veritas
BV Bureau Beritas
GL Germanischer Lloyd Rules
Type CZF fans are characterized by their extreme compact structure, small size, light weight, less power consumption, smooth and reliable in operation, being suitable for reversing operating, and excellent resistance to a certain degree shock and vibration. Type CZF fans can move the air, the ocean air containing salt fog and the air containing a few oil fog. So it can be widely used for ventilation of various machinery room and each compartment of boats and ships as well as other like spaces.
2. Operation Conditions
Medium temperature: -25℃ ~ +50℃
Max relative humidity: 95%
Periodical swing: ±22.5°
Continued transversal incline: ±15°
Continued longitudinal incline: ±10°
Vibration: existent
Impact: existent
3. Construction
3.1  The impeller is made of anticorrosive casting aluminum alloy, it is aerodynamically shaped and carefully balanced to ensure the fan having reliable anticorrosive property and operating smoothly.
3.2  The fan casing being wilding struction, is made of steel plate with flanges for connection with duct at both by bolts, and the surface is fully treated by anticorrosive painting.
3.3 As desired, the casing can be made into a solid type or a split one along the cotter pins of axial direction.
3.4 Taking a front view from the motor side, the impeller should be turning clockwise, in practice, it can be turning anti-clockwise too. Such being the case, the reversing characteristic are:
Capacity not less than 60 percent of normal rating.
3.5 AC.50HZ, 380V or 60HZ, 440V, type Y-H three-phase asynchronous motors for marine exclusive use may be used for these fans.
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