MARINE CENTRIFUGAL VENTILATOR Small size and light weight. Low-noise ,low vibration. Good anti-corrosiveness.


 CQ Series Marine High pressure Centrifugal fan
CQ series marine centrifugal ventilators or simply the ventilator is capable of blowing air, ocean air containing salt vapour, and corrosive air which contains oil vapour and a small quantity of acid steam generated by the natural evaporation of the batteries. So it can be used for ventilation of various machinery room and each compartment of boats and ships as well as other likes spaces.
The ventilator is designed and manufactured according to GB11865-89(Marine centrifugal fans) and the Rules and Regulations for the Construction and classification of Sea-going Steed ships approved by the Register of the People’s Republic of China.

Medium temperature: -25℃ ~ +50℃
Max relative humidity: 95%
Periodical swing: ±22.5°
Continued transversal incline: ±15°
Continued longitudinal incline:±10°
Vibration: existent
mpact:  existent

Small size and light weight.
Low-noise ,low vibration.
Good anti-corrosiveness.
Small starting torque.
Strong resistance against swing, vibration and impact.

The ventilator is designed and manufactured into a horizontal structure type or a vertical one, which the vane wheel is mounted directly on the motor shaft extension.
The vane wheel, being riveting structure is made of aluminum alloy and carefully balanced by static and dynamic ways.
The ventilator can be made for left or right rotation:
Left rotation-viewed from the motor side, the vane wheel rotates clock-wise and indicated as “L”.
Right rotation-viewed from the motor side, the vane wheel rotates clockwise and indicated as “R”.
The outlet position of ventilator, according to the rotating direction of vane wheel, is made into the following main types. In conformity with the requirement, the outlet position is allowed to use other types, the step angle of which is 30°or 22.5°.
The ventilator can be matched with marine AC motor of 380V.50HZ or marine motor DC 220V.

5. Introduction for ordering
5.1 Please introduce the model, flow prate, pressure, speed and structure of fan、50HZ or 60HZ..
5.2 Please offer insulation class and protection class for fan motor (if not, the insulation class is B, protection class is IP44).
5.3 Our factory can offer the fans of special specification and usage according to the user's demands.
5.4 We are responsible for the repair, exchange and return of the products Within 18 months. 

6. Use and maintenance
6.1 Before installing the fans, should check whether each part is intact, whether the components are complete, whether the impeller and casing rotating direct are concordant.
6.2  The air enter the fan from axial direction and come out through the impeller. It can be used for left or right rotation.
outlet, identical, not join them forcing, not bring the weight of duct on the fans.
6.4 After installed the fans, check whether there is friction of collide between the impeller and the fixed parts by rotating the impeller. If collision, friction, loud noise or strong vibration happened, the fan should be restart after checking. Avoid the fan being bumped and other substance or liquid entered the fans. Please clean the dust on blade of impeller in time, so as not to break the balance and 
strengthen the noise.
6.5 The fans should be start-up without load. 


Please contact us and get detailed Technical parameters and Drawings.

We could Design and Produce the Marine fan,Industrial Fan,and Other Ventilation Equipment according to your detailed requirement !


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