CWL(CXL) small centrifugal Fans for Marine use

This type is suitable for delivering ordinary air ,for sea air containing salty fog , for air containing oil fog and other corrupt air supply or extraditions.
It is widely used for the ventilation of kitchens, washrooms, cabins ,meeting rooms and public places in marine or nary ships. It is also suitable for some proper places in land chemical and metallurgy departments.
If series fans are equipped with explosionproof motors, they will be used to deliver gas mixtures or vapour containing combustibles and explosives, and they will operate well in the dangerous areas.
If this type is equipped with AO-H three-phase asynchronous motors for marine use ,it will be suitable for the places with 380/220v,50HZor440V,60HZ.(If some have YH series motors ,it will need not 220v.)(three-phase connection)
2Operation Standards
2.1Accord with the standards of the state for GB11799-89《Marine Explosion-proof Centrifugal ventilator》
2.2 Accord with《Rules and regulations for the consruetion and class fication of seagoing steel ships》.
2.3 Accord with 《Rules and Regulations for the construction of PLA Naval ships》.
3.1 Own high pressure coefficient(H>1.4)high flow rate(Q>0.5) and high efficiency(Y>65).
3.2 Low weight, small size, stable capability and low noise.
3.3 It has many property parameter and can be used widely.
3.4 Good Intensity ,good anti-corrosiveness
3.5 Strong resistance against swing, vibration and impact.
4.Working conditions
Medium temperatures:-25℃—55℃
Most relative humidity:95%
Cyclical vacillation 45℃(vacillation cycle 8—12s)
Continuous horizontal tilting 15℃
Continuous vertical tilting 10℃
Vibration :existent
Shock :existent
Working principles and structural forms
CXL series are a new kind of high capable and energy-saving fans. It basically adopts AO-H three-phase asynchronous motors for marine use. Fans propellers are made up of many-wing vanes which is fiercely forward. Gas enters vanes' passes through axes orientation .It produces energy with eccentricity. Gas is compressed and enter the pipes from entrance CXL type may be made into a horizontal or vertical structure. The motor is directed connected.
The vanes, machine casings and inlets of this series are made of 1cr 18Ni9Ti stainless steel. The vanes are connected by rivet joint, and the machine casing and inlets are weld structure.
There is a fence in the inlet in order to prevent other things from entering the fans when the inlet pipe is not used.
The vanes must be revised by movement balance.(Adding weigh)
The ventilator can be made for counterclockwise(Left)or clockwise(right) rotation.
Counter clockwise(left) rotation: viewed from the motor side, the vane wheel rotates anticlockwise and indicated as “L”.
Clockwise(right) rotation: viewed from the motor side, the vane wheel rotates clockwise and indicated as“R”.
The outlet position of ventilator, according to the Rotating direction of vane wheel, is made into the fo

6 Uses and main tenancies
6.1 The airflow of CXL type enters from the axes orientation and is wented from the radial orientation after the vanes work .counterclockwise(left) or clockwise(right) rotation are both ok.
6.2 If collision, friction, high noise and high vibration are met, the fan will be thought not to work normally. It should be checked and then restarted.
6.3 Everything is prevented from impacting the fans ,eye winkers and liquid are not allowed into the fans.
6.4 Remove the dust on vanes in time in case that it affects the balance and raises noises.

7Type instructions
The types of the fans are denoted by the initial letter of Chinese Pinyin, outer rail .Of the vane, motor power and rotational speed. The example is as follows.
(CXL-100D/0.06-1400)R180°   (CXL-160G/0.75-3400)L90°


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