HTF series Fire fighting smoke extraction fan

HTF series Fire fighting smoke extraction fan
  • HTF series Fire fighting smoke extraction fan
  • HTF series Fire fighting smoke extraction fan
  • HTF series Fire fighting smoke extraction fan
  • HTF series Fire fighting smoke extraction fan

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HTF series Fire fighting smoke extraction fan

Widely used in advanced civil buildings, ovens, underground garages, tunnels and other occasions, according to the different requirements of advanced civil architecture, the use of single-speed or multi-speed drive in the form of a machine with dual (that is, under normal circumstances ventilation Wind or fire when using high temperature exhaust) purposes.
The machine has HTF (Ⅰ) type HTF (Ⅱ) type two types, (Ⅰ) by the single-speed YF series motor drive, machine number № 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 , 15 total of 10 aircraft, impeller diameter from Φ500mm to Φ1500mm, wind pressure from 510Pa to 840Pa, air flow from 6817m3 / h to 101389m3 / h, (Ⅱ) type by the two-speed motor drive, Wind pressure from 127Pa to 840Pa, air volume from 3410m3 / h to 101389m3 / h, regardless of type (Ⅰ) or type (Ⅱ), are A-type direct drive.
The machine consists of cylinder assembly, impeller assembly, front and rear covers and motors and other components.
Drum combination by rings, rings floor, the main hairdryer, into the wind outside the cylinder, into the wind flange, the motor flange, the motor limit block, the wind tube and other components.
Impeller combination from the hub, spoke plate, blades, tailswind wheel and other components.
Motor (Ⅰ) single-speed motor, (Ⅱ) type for the two-speed motor.
3.Performance characteristics
(1) excellent high temperature performance. Fan test in line with GBJ45-82 fire code test requirements, the establishment of higher than the standard of internal control system, at 400 ℃ high temperature continuous operation of more than 100 minutes at 280 ℃ continuous operation of more than 40 minutes at 100 ℃ conditions Under continuous operation for more than 20 hours without damage.
(2) high efficiency. The machine adopts advanced ternary flow theory and advanced GAD system software, the multi-objective optimization design and development of new products. Tested fan efficiency of 80% or more, part of the machine number in more than 85%, high efficiency, efficiency curve flat energy-saving effect is obvious.
(3) small footprint, easy installation. The basic type of fan axial fan can be directly connected with the hairdryer, but also wall installation, wall installation and horizontal installation and vertical installation of two, covers an area of ​​small.

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